Blockchain Consultants are the New Pioneers of Industry


Blockchain Consultants are the New Pioneers of Industry

Those who don’t respond with a blank stare at the mention of the word blockchain, immediately think of its raging success in keeping people honest whilst dealing with cryptocurrency. It is a shame that it has become so pigeonholed, as blockchain is a durable, e?ective and highly secure technology that stores information that cannot be hacked, altered or changed without visible changes on the record. Despite this, and because it at first appears confusing, blockchain has often been slow to break into industries. Simply put, blockchain is a versatile code that can be applied across all industries, providing a simple, secure and transparent system of gathering and storing data. The secret is discovering how to apply it to the infinite array of applications. Enter  the blockchain consultant, the new pioneer.


Some companies and whole industries can be reluctant to change established and outdated business ideals and models. This is most likely due to the lack of understanding of the technology, and its application. A blockchain consultant group works with a business to integrate the security of blockchain into their existing processes, and educating stakeholders about the benefits of blockchain in the process.


An early adopter of the technology was the manufacturing industry. One way blockchain consulting services have helped in this industry is by having every part of the manufacturing process mapped and stored in a blockchain, giving real time information to all stakeholders without the risk of the information being corrupted at any point along the path of purchasing, production, storage, transport and distribution.


Another industry making inroads with blockchain is education, where institutions are utilising the technology for securing scholarly results, qualifications and certifications, whilst being transparent enough to allow verification. As a side benefit to this, recruitment is being revitalised with the advance in verifying qualifications quoted on CVs and job applications, solving the age old problem of verifying information in a timely and economically e?cient way.

The simple logbook has also been transformed, with simple QR codes using the ubiquitous   mobile phone to capture GPS data, time and identity information that is simply verified in real time at the click of a button. This technology works because it is simple, cost e?ective, and compliant with the modern idea of trust and transparency.


The modern economy is complex and ever-changing. Blockchain can keep businesses adaptable in the new economy, and business owners and entrepreneurs benefit the pioneering technology of blockchain. These consultants provide advice and training, not just assistance, but a deep understanding of how it relates to specific businesses and industries.


Up-to-date information on advancements in technology are vital for all businesses and entrepreneurs, and in that regard, learning about blockchain will promote growth within industries, and allow companies to jump away from the pack. Blockchain business consulting provides long- term solutions and advice specifically related to the technological operation of businesses by evaluation, maintaining and development of blockchain and cryptocurrency within that industry, and it appears that there is no industry that couldn’t be made more secure, and more convenient, by the immutable blockchain security technology.


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