Software Implementation on Medicine Supply Chain Management System


Software Implementation on Medicine Supply Chain Management System
  • A sufficient supply chain management system has become one of the crucial components of moving supplies; food, medicines, medical supplies, and other necessary goods. 


    At present, this pandemic has affected almost every industry, especially health. Since this virus has hit, the whole health sector is running busy and at its limits. As a result, medical supplies and medicines have the highest demand right now. 


    Traditional management systems are no longer capable of keeping up with the demand and facing unwanted circumstances like; fraudulent, medicine, medical supplies fake, and lack of data.


    In this critical moment, Blockchain Software has taken a remarkable initiative to make the supply chain more transparent and secure while avoiding all the hassle and mess using traditional systems. 


    Why the pharmacy industry needs this innovative solution.


    It increases visibility, and the lack of visibility is one of the core issues that have a negative and long term impact on a supply chain. 


    The lack of transparency can lead to counterfeiting drugs, shortage of medicine, wastages due to improper manufacture dates, and many more on the list. 


    Finished solutions will provide transparency among these sectors to improve communication and make it easier to detect issues and work out the solution.


    In this case, blockchain will provide a secure data storage platform where all the data will be protected and remain tamper-free from outsiders. The transparency will make all the data changes visible and accessible to find out the origin. 

    Benefits of having blockchain in the medicine supply chain are;

  • It gives the start to end transparency and real-time updates of any health products.
  • Detects the scams and provides the solution.
  • Provides real-time transportation updates and eliminates shortages.
  • Identifies the exact location or area while delivering supplies.

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