27 Apr 2024


It's no secret that Blockchain adoption has accelerated and scaled significantly over the last few months. By 2025, 86% of U.S. companies will have a blockchain team or are planning to build one. Blockchain consultants are in greater demand as corporations embrace its benefits.

Blockchain technology is vital for anyone interested in getting into the exciting world of cryptocurrency. To navigate the blockchain process and build their portfolio, most companies enlist the help of a blockchain consultant. There are several types of blockchain consulting services, and each requires a set of skills that are seldom found in other types of consulting. Blockchain consultants should have strong business skills and high levels of technical expertise.




Due to a lack of comprehensive and affordable blockchain consulting, most blockchain implementations have failed. A change in mindset is more important than technology consulting when it comes to blockchain. Community-driven success is at the core of the mindset. The problem is that most consultants cannot provide value to their clients - ultimately making the technology look bad.

Read the top 5 areas where Blockchain Software Australia, a blockchain consulting company will help you.

Recognizing Pain Points

Blockchain often becomes the solution looking for a problem within an organization. This mustn’t happen and it is only possible when enough time and energy is spent in identifying the business pain points before deciding to experiment with emerging technology like blockchain.

Analyzing the Marketplace

A crucial aspect of comprehensive Blockchain Consulting is considering current trends in a given industry or marketplace. Primarily, four items should be looked at when analyzing the marketplace. Just as in any industry, you need a blockchain consulting company that you can trust to gather the latest data and assist you in heading in the right direction.

Identifying Use-Cases

Blockchain appreciates circumstances where distrust is the essence of intermediary involvement, stakeholding, and other business undertakings where trust is crucial. Ask yourself: Could my business, organization, or institution benefit from the trust fostered through Blockchain?

The answer to that question is 99 per cent of the time it can! There’s a plethora of theoretical information available on possible use-cases of blockchain but seldom do they speak about the ROI impact of implementing the use-case. Blockchain implementations must bring a positive ROI to your business. Our team of experts at Somish use their knowledge and practical experience in blockchain consulting and implementation to identify possible use cases that have a positive impact, as well as those already in use to find a Blockchain solution that best fits your needs.

Guidance and Training From Professionals

  • Which blockchain platform to choose?

  • Should your business host blockchain nodes?

  • Who will own the blockchain system?

  • Whether to choose permissions or public blockchains?

  • How will node orchestration work?

  • Are transactions private?

  • Does your business need zero-knowledge proof?

These are some of the most important questions your blockchain consultant should help you get to the bottom of. Thanks to our timely foray into this space, our team enjoys an unparalleled skill set for answering these questions and many others that are critical to the success of blockchain for your business. Our team of blockchain consultants employs numerous methods in the training process for your resources including constructive feedback, interactive workshops, informational materials, and seminars to get you up to speed on the intricacies of Blockchain technology. Our highly trained staff at Blockchain Software will work with you every step of the way to be sure the Blockchain ecosystem and its correlative branches are completely elucidated.

Professional Blockchain Consulting Procedures Ensure Success

Any responsible and knowledgeable Blockchain company will guide you through a specific set of procedures. While some companies may offer various procedures in terms of wording, most always follow the same guidelines when brainstorming with you.

Some industries with which Blockchain Software have significant experience include insurance, banking, aviation, energy, oil and gas, food supply chain, healthcare and government. If you’re looking for the most comprehensive Blockchain consulting firm out there, team up with our dedicated team today.