26 Apr 2024

Every piece ofdata has the capability of providing information and how it makesitself fruitful and usefulfor any business and commercial sectordepends on how the information is used. Tounlock the information’s truevalue they need for data analytics is necessary. Proper data analytics helpin providing future prediction of any business, production or budget, including customer engagement,improvementsto performance.

There are some specific skills like; the ability of mathematical calculation, programming languages,model analysis and data interpretation. Problem-solving, accuracy and focus on details; which make the data analytics capable of givingresults that can be used.

At present every industry is taking steps to bring changes in performances and increasing revenue.The challenges of data analytics are in utilizing its capabilities to the fullest and working with the issues at hand; unverifieddata sources and synchronization, lack of good analytics experts, the unreliability of data management, quality of data and storage systems, and the security and privacy of every record.

“This whole blockchain deal has the potential it does only because it is applicable across national borders and income groups. The permutations and possibilities are staggeringly great.”-Bill Clinton, Former U.S President.

Taking a digital helping hand usingblockchain may be the solutions to all the above challenges. Blockchain is an advanced technology with decentralized digital ledger standing within a peer-to-peer network system, holding such distinctive attributes such as security, transparency, and immutability with the help of the smart contracts.

Smart contracts are the inbuilt digital condition or agreements between the user and the system is precisely in use by many growing industries including financial sectors.

# Data traceability & decentralization

The data traceability with blockchain provides a transparent ledger from where the details of every data will reveal including its origin, storage, updates even if the usage as well. The secure peer-to-peer network can show the entire methodology of the data process and identity of the obtained results.

# Real-time Analysis

Getting real-time updates by attainting every single change made is quite tough to obtain. So the chances of data scamming can arise as a result somewhere along the chain. The distributed network of blockchain makes it more flexible and secure when you can see every single change on a real-time basis.

# Assurance of standard data

Inside blockchain technology there are two different types of accessing permission for the users such as; private and public. In the case of public nodes anybody can take part in adding up the records or data after certain verification, whereas the private nodes are only accessible by the authorized participants. The distributed digital nature of blockchain gives transparent and secure data with their sequential history as the present nodes verify them every time.

# Data integrity and sharing

A smooth flow of data is the need of every business. Blockchain makes the data sharing more secure and eliminates the chance of losing data. Data storage is completely secure under this technology with access to all the changes updated within the system forever.

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