Getting started with

It’s a network of machines or computers that are interconnected and each one those machines has same copy of the data. This is what we call ledger; kind of a record. Inside each block we have transactions. Transaction is how we interact with the blockchain from outside world. You submit the transaction to one node from where they will forward it to other nodes so that transaction can be recorded inside a block. Each block contains hash of previous block this is how a chain of blocks is formed. As the chain becomes longer, it becomes stronger. A leader is the first one to add the block and then the block is appended to other nodes as well. The nodes will then vote. They will double check the work of who created the block and whether it is valid or not. If not, process it will be denied and the block won’t be added to the chain. This makes blockchain not only very secure, but if a block was “hacked” then each block from then on would need to be “hacked” making the technology secure and fast.